Sri Jasmin 24 February 2012

No Joke, this is SRI JASMIN APARTMENTS !!!
All these pics were taken on Friday 24 February 2012.

You want to sell back your property at RM100k? You can if it stays like this.

Why? because maintenance is carried out & continuing.

There is only one way to have it constantly looking as good as this.

Pay your maintenance bill.
And of course, get your place rented out. Communicate with the JMB via email


New Board

New Office Bearers were elected on 18 Dec 2011.

They are as follows
1. Chairman - Yoo Khee Chai
2. Secretary - Koh Joo Wah
3. Treasurer - Peter Lau Hui Yu
4. Committee - Tai Chwan Siew
5. Committee - Suzanah Ahmad

Also in attendance of the AGM were COB En. Haizul & En. Nazri. Thank you very much for coming. Special thanks also goes to the Balai Polis Mantin who gave their support by providing security on a very short (1 day) notice.


Water Cutting Activity Starts 14 March 2011

Attention to ALL Owners & Tenants of Sri Jasmin

In order to avoid a repeat of water cut to all residents by SAINS last week, you have to make prompt payment to JMB of Sri Jasmin. Effective from 1st March 2011, JMB under house rule 4.1a & 4.2b will disconnect water supply for units that have not paid Maintenance Fee and/or Water Bill.

JMB has provided for 2 methods of payments for Maintenance Fee and Water bill.

  1. You could pay direct to JMB’s account as follows:

Maybank Acc No.: 5641-6411-1680

Acc Name: Perbadanan Pengurusan Bersama Sri Jasmin

After bank-in,

i. please scan (if you use the ATM or from bank counter) copy of bank slip, or

ii. if using online banking such as maybank2u then copy & paste the receipt, and

email to srijasmin.jmb@gmail.com and state clearly your PARCEL /HOUSE NO.


  1. You could pay direct to Puan Maimuna, who is appointed by the JMB, at SJ06-0G-08 (beside Dobby).

Receipt will be issued immediately once payment received for water bill/Maintenance Fee. Please call Puan Maimuna’s mobile no. 013-663 6550 for payment purpose.

Payment times: Monday – Friday (8am – 11am), additional times Tuesday & Thursday (2pm – 5pm)

Water Reconnection Fee:

Bayaran Penyambungan

Semula Air:



Thank you, JMBSJ

Attention to ALL Tenants of Sri Jasmin

Refering to the letter JMBSJWaterCutNotice2011Feb.doc, the JMB will cut water if the maintenance fee is not paid even though water bill has been paid.

Thus, the JMB advise you (the tenant) as follows.

  1. To pay the maintenance fee on behalf of the owner to avoid having water cut that greatly affects you.
  2. For those unit’s who’s maintenance fee accrues more than RM 300.00, the JMB requires RM 300.00 to be paid as maintenance fee every month until it is fully paid up.
  3. The JMB requires the maintenance to be paid on or before 7th of each month. Failure which water cut will happen.
  4. For water bill, water cut will happen if not paid within 21 days of billing date.

If you have any queries, please contact the JMB via email (srijasmin.jmb@gmail.com) or alternatively, you can speak to Pn. Maimuna (013-663 6550) at SJ06-0G-08 (beside Dobby).

Thank you, JMBSJ


Micheal Low Appointed

Dear All Sri Jasmin Owners,

Please take note that the JMB has appointed Michael Low of ITC (Integrated Technical Corporation Sdn. Bhd.) to look into all matters pertaining to the maintenance of Sri Jasmin. The appointment commenced on mid October 2010.

The JMB has also made available mobile nos. for Micheal & his team to make calls to all owners.

All emails, please email to srijasmin.jmb@gmail.com
Thank you.


Family Day cum EGM

Family Day this Sunday. Please make yourself available. There will be some resolutions to passed, new information only for your ears.

Put this event in your diary, phone, pda, scheduler & your Mind.

Date & Time: 31 May 2009, 12 PM

12PM – 1PM : Registration, Refreshment & Know Thy Neighbours!
1PM – 1:40PM : Opening by the Chairman.
1:40PM – 2:10PM : Accounts and Budget by the Treasurer.
2:10PM – 2:30PM : Strata Title & ICT Implementation by the Secretary.
2:30PM – 4PM : Question & Answer, Discussion & Feedback.
4PM – 4:30PM : Voting of Resolutions
4:30PM – 5PM : Closing & Resolution Result Announcement

Venue: Multipurpose Hall, Sri Jasmin, Bandar University Teknologi Lagenda

The truth will prevail !
Lai YK
Secretary of JMB SJ

Map From Exit 205 - Nilai Toll on the PLUS (North South Highway) to Sri Jasmin.


Water Bill

The JMB would like to highlight the current plight of the water situation in Sri Jasmin. There has been leakages that was fixed, unpaid water bills from Dataran Mantin days, still the RM1.60 per m3 commercial rates & dialogs with JBA NS is still on going. There is water in Sri Jasmin, of course that is after the JMB has paid some of the water bill.

Now that the bulk meter is spoilt as said by JBA, fixing this will again cost more money. But is it worth fixing it or is it better to just pay RM 13, 215.70 a month? Mind you, we only collected RM 25k during the JMB meeting, & that money was meant for maintenance of Sri Jasmin for 3 months. You are the owners, afloat or bone-dry, you be the choice.


Sri Jasmin on the Road of Recovery

Sorry, it's been a long time since the last update. Sri Jasmin is now definitely on the path of recovery but there are still some issues to be sorted out.

Here are some picture of Sri Jasmin, clean & even the Multi-purpose Hall is grilled.

More to come, such as the canteen.
Keep watching this space.